Our Process

1 on 1 Consultation

Meet with one of our sales representatives to assist with proposing a detailed quote of what the vision of the landscape project may be. We can also put together a few ideas on paper, and if necessary, provide a landscape rendering for your review.


Once we meet, we will draft up a contract and a start date will be decided. We do not take a signing deposit.

Starting the project

At the start of the project, the entire crew will come to the property to begin. At that time, the client will be introduced to the two site supervisors, where they can relay any concerns or questions about the ongoing progress of their project. They will work closely with both supervisors to ensure they are satisfied.


50% of the project fee will be due upon equipment delivery to the site at the beginning of the project. If the job is expected to take longer than five days, and depending on the scope of work, the project will then get split up into portions; with a 25%-35% deposit structure. We will work to ensure the overall plan is one that will satisfy and comfort both parties.


Once the project is complete, the company owner along with the site supervisor will do a walk-through of the project, making sure that all expectations have been met.

The Installation



We map out and determine grading levels in the area that the interlocking stones will be placed; making special note of any fences, landscaping, sidewalks, and any other surrounding elements.


We will ensure that no utility lines will be affected in the excavation process. Once that’s complete, we will mark out the area to be paved with the client.

Excavation and Installation

We will excavate the marked out area to allow for the base materials to be laid. We will then lay, level, and compact a granular base. Once the surface can be walked on without indentation, we will add a thin, leveling layer of limestone screening and compact once more. After leveling is confirmed, and grading is complete at a 2% slope from the structure, the base is ready for stone. Stone is installed and edge restraints are placed to prevent materials from moving as per the design discussed. We then add 2 levels of polymeric sand to the paving to ensure no vegetation grows between the joints.


We will sweep away any debris and clean up the site in an efficient manner. The company owner along with the site supervisor will do a walk through of the property with the homeowner to confirm everything has been completed, and client expectations have been met.