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Are you looking for the perfect outdoor material to be used for your landscaping project? Look no further than flagstones. They have a timeless appeal on a walkway as they take the guesswork out of where to tread when walking in a landscaped yard. The natural stones are all laid out in front of us, making it easy to know where we are headed and what direction we are going. Flagstones remain a popular material used in landscaping projects for Oakville residents as they combines both form and function. These are beautiful, decorative stones that can be used to create a walkway to prevent a well-manicured lawn from being trampled upon.

Flagstones are also versatile and can also be used to create a classic look for driveways and patios. It gives off a natural—not contrived—appearance towards your driveway or patio. And because flagstones are natural stones, they require minimal maintenance and upkeep because these stones are already used to the harsh outdoor elements and can handle extreme temperatures. Aside from function, maintenance, and practicality, aesthetics is also another factor. Since they are natural stones that are being quarried from different stone deposits, you get to have a wide variety of shapes, colors, textures, and finishes to choose from.

Hardscapes ID can procure the flagstones you want to use for the hardscape landscaping project you want to install in your yard. Whether you want a particular color of slate or a certain type of limestone, as a flagstone contractor, we can source it for you to ensure that you get the exact walkway or patio that you have envisioned in your mind. Although flagstones are usually used in random and mismatched shapes, we can have them cut for you if you have a specific style or pattern in mind. We will consult with you whether you want a regular rectangle flagstone pattern, a randomly-cut stone, a “crazy paving,” or a mosaic pattern. You also get to choose which size and what color to install.



Why Work With Us

A flagstone walkway or patio can create an organic look for your landscape, and can last you for many years, as long as the flagstones have been installed correctly. For this, you will need the help of a professional flagstone contractor. Look no further than Hardscapes ID. We have been in the business for decades of years, and that has given us a lot of experience when it comes to building hardscape projects made out of flagstones.

Hardscapes ID ensures that each of the clients we serve in Oakville is consulted every step of the way. We will ensure that the resulting finished product is to your satisfaction by perfecting each task involved; from preparing the ground, to the removal of the excess soil, to the laying out of the flagstone pieces.

Flagstone is a very popular choice as a landscaping material for a majority of Oakville homeowners. Because we want to make sure that you get to select the color, size, and shape of flagstone you want for your outdoor project, we carry a wide selection of flagstones for you to choose from. We will also ensure that these are installed properly so that you get to make the most out of your flagstone project! These are the very qualities why many residents in Oakville go to us when they are in need of a flagstone contractor!


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