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When it comes to spatial concept in landscape design, the most important but often neglected aspect is the walkway. Perhaps the most important spatial concept for a successful garden or landscape design is the creation of walkways in the yard. The walkway serves as a space separator among the plant beds, trees, shrubs, arbors and other accents within your garden. Walkways serve to define and enclose spaces. While patios, porches, and gazebos serve as a way for people to relax, walkways provide the continuity and transition from one part of the landscape to another.

Because of this function, building the appropriate walkway that will complement the rest of your landscape is of vital importance. With this task, you will need to hire the services of a walkway contractor in Oakville. If you have been looking for the best landscape design company to do your walkway, then you will be relieved to know that your search is over once you hire the services of Hardscapes ID. Walkway installation can help define the different areas of your landscape while also creating a unifying theme among them.

Your walkway is meant to handle foot traffic flow while at the same time provide a leisurely viewing of your garden. With the help of our walkway installers, we will come up with a walkway that is not too circuitous or long-winded. Otherwise, people will just take shortcuts that could destroy your well-manicured lawn. We will also ensure the use of non-slippery paving materials that will blend in with the rest of the landscape and the architectural style of your home. Our walkway designers will also ensure that the eventual walkway design we come up with will have your own personal unique stamp. We will also incorporate the budget you have in mind and ensure that the cost of labor, material, and equipment will meet both your standards and your budget.



Why Work With Us

No two landscapes are the same, which is why here at Hardscapes ID, we come up with a custom design for your walkway that will emphasize the already existing beauty of your landscape. We encourage and enjoy collaboration with our clients during the entire project, from the design to the implementation process. We bring to the table decades of landscaping experience from our designers and installers, all in one team. This is our commitment to you: we will finish the job on time (if not ahead of schedule) and within your budget, and we promise not just to fulfill, but exceed all of your expectations.

In order to ensure that the construction process of a walkway is successful, we consult with our clients in Oakville so that we will have a thorough understanding of your requirements. Since each landscaping project is unique, we offer site analysis and development designs before the project has started so that the resulting walkway for your home in Oakville will be to your satisfaction. To ensure success in your walkway project, hire Hardscapes ID, the leading landscaping company of choice for most of Oakville’s residents!


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