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The increasing standards of living have made landscape design an indispensable requirement for most of Burlington homeowners. By hiring a professional landscape designer for your outdoor project, you are assured that plants are placed where they will grow optimally, and that the hardscapes built are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Landscaping is a multi-disciplinary field, and requires stock knowledge of horticulture, plant biology, mathematics, and engineering. A good eye for design is required as well, as the resulting landscape should have a sense of balance and proportion among the design elements, as well as transition.

Because of the many elements involved, hiring a professional landscape designer to do your landscaping will allow you to get what you want. Without a landscape design, you may have a vision of what you want to achieve in your mind, but you might end up getting an entirely different thing, which is something you don’t want to happen. In order to prevent something like this from happening, you need to hire a professional landscape designer in Burlington.

When looking for a landscape designer for your project, the one thing you need to look out for is creativity. It is the crux to a great landscape design, and Hardscapes ID has plenty of creative people behind its team. Without the slightest of doubt, we can provide you with a landscape plan that offers a blend of the natural beauty of your surroundings and a cozy, Old World charm. We will come up with a landscape design that is elegant and timeless, without coming off as ostentatious and trying too hard.

We start off the project by having a landscape design that has your stamp of approval so that once the installation process starts, our installers will be able to follow your vision and turn it into a reality.



Why Work With Us

By collaborating with our landscape designers and installers, your site specifications and your vision are checked for compatibility. We will take the already existing elements as well as the architectural style of your home and incorporate these elements into the landscape design. The end result? A cohesive and harmonious living space between the already existing features and the proposed design elements. We strive to create unity and rhythm in our design, so that you will end up with a great landscape for your home.

We make sure to sit down and listen to your vision, and will keep your family’s needs in mind at all times, and then translate them into an elegant and functional landscape that you and your loved ones can enjoy for a long time.

If you are looking for a landscape designer for your home in Burlington, look no further than Hardscapes ID. We provide a full range of landscaping services to make your front and back yards a showcase of creativity and function. You can have your outdoor living space exactly the way you imagined it to be, on time and within your budget.


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