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Although landscaping is becoming more and more popular among Burlington residents, the one aspect of it that is often overlooked and underrated are walkways. While most people are excited about constructing pools, patios, gazebos, and plant selection, some people don’t think about how these hardscapes are going to be connected to each other within a yard. As a result, the landscape can be one disjointed mess due to the lack of transition between each element in the landscape. Think about walkways the way you would think about red carpets during exclusive, high-profile events—they welcome the guests and lead them into the main event, which in this case, is your garden.

Walkways are important not only because they guide people on where they are going when inside your garden, but they also have decorative purposes and can create and invoke a certain mood or atmosphere. They also provide a sense of structure and order into the overall landscape.

This is where Hardscapes ID come into the picture. As a walkway contractor, whenever we build a walkway, we don’t just consider it as a means of getting from point A to point B; we also consider how it would appear and blend in with the rest of the landscape. When it comes to building walkways, we make sure that both form and function are taken into consideration. Form is taking into account your preferred material, shape, and texture, as well as how the resulting product will spatially relate to the other design elements of the garden. Function means that the walkway would be a seamless transition from the house to the garden, and vice versa.

We can provide you with a wealth of options when it comes to material. You can choose from interlocking pavers, flagstones, bluestones, gravel, or concrete.  You can choose from straight, curved, winding, or meandering walkways. You can choose from stained to stamped tiles. The possibilities are endless when it comes to constructing walkways, that it can be even become confusing for the average homeowner. The good thing is that we’re here to help you sort things out by analyzing everything and give you the best option by considering your taste and budget.


Why Work With Us

When it comes to quality landscaping and walkway installation, a lot of residential customers in Burlington turn to Hardscapes ID for help, and for good reason. We are a full service landscaping company that can come up with a design that will reflect our creativity and your own personal style. We will make sure that your walkway project is finished on time and within your budget. We will make sure that the actual work being done by our professional walkway installers will be discreet so as not to disrupt the normal routine of your household, and we will clean up after ourselves once the walkway has been successfully installed and to your satisfaction.

We are the go-to walkway contractors on this side of Ontario. Our decades of experience, use of state-of-the-art equipment, and skilled artisans will make sure that the walkway will not only connect your home and garden, but will also be compatible and blend in with the rest of your surroundings.


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